The New Way to See Power Markets

Nodal power markets present traders with a fascinating amount of opportunity and challenging risks. But the days of simply storing and accessing the data required for trading in these markets one point at a time are over. Yes Energy’s fast market analyses and innovative visualizations make it possible to see the data all at once. Discover trends. Highlight opportunities. Track positions. As one customer put it, Yes Energy offers “the new way to see power markets.”

New Feature:

Like Day Analysis

Have you ever thought it would be great to know what other days were much like that day back in July when you did so well? What outages were active then and which constraints were binding? Or given what you already know about tomorrow (Temp, DA Price, Forecasted load) what happened to RT prices on “Like Days” historically. The Like Day module answers those questions.


New Module:

Time Series Analysis

 This module allows you to see graphically exactly how the impact of one market pricing factor directly affects other statistics. For example you are able to show what the shadow price ( max, min or average) was over a period of time when a particular constraint was binding and what the RT Wind Generation was during that time period and how that affected price at a given node or hub


Transmission System Map Layer

Yes Energy is known for the incredible amount of useful information that is show on its maps – Nodal Pricing, Line Outages, Constraints, Generation Outages – what was missing? You are right it was how this related to the physical transmission system. After a huge amount of work by our development team over this past year we have released mapping for PJM, MISO and ERCOT. One more piece of the puzzle is now in place!

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